Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A small layout

I will keep this post updated as I go. I usually model in N scale and have been running these HOn30 chassis on a N scale layout. I decided to build a small proper HOn30 layout. It is only 13.5" x 24" and is based on a plan in the Oct 1979 MR. I have built this same layout twice in On30 so you could say it is a favorite of mine. You can see some of the On30 versions here:

This is a overall shot of the drawn plan.

And here is the basic shapes in place.

Soon as copper PC ties arrived from Fast Tracks I started laying code 55 rails.
The tightest curves are 3" radius and the grade is about 4.5%. The Porter will turn this sharp, but will need a longer drawbar to it's tender. The Porter doesn't have compensation in it's chassis so I will run the Plymouths only on this layout.

Here is a quick video of the 7 ton Plymouth giving the layout a spin:
Since I want to keep things looking "Eastern" I guess it will be a coal hauler with a truck dump and bin at the top and a very small processing plant at the bottom.

The rockwork has started on the left side of the layout.